Online casinos are generally trustworthy, but tragically, a small number of dishonest gamblers spoil them for everyone. The players have witnessed a lot of casino fraud over the years, and now we have shared some of them with you to help you with a safe gambling experience. 

Rogue casinos are the ones which make people feel scared of playing online games. In the worst circumstances, it involves far more than merely losing a deposit. Regrettably, some truly evil people operate pirate casinos. You’ll find that these online casino scams attempt to trick you in a variety of ways. They all ultimately want to take your hard-earned money, though. So, which online casino frauds are the worst? How are they avoidable? Take a drink, relax, and let me to

1) Blatant deposit theft

Although each casino scam has a unique execution, this is actually the goal of the majority of casino scams. The phrase “deposit theft” is accurate. After tempting you to put money, the casino forbids you from getting your money back. When you join and sign up, the casino either shuts your account or freezes it, requiring you to pass countless hurdles before reactivating it. Later on, when you try to find answers, the customer service personnel delays you or ignores you.

If the deposits are minimal, these operators are aware that the majority of customers will become discouraged and give up. How likely are you to search for a $20 deposit for days and weeks? Time is money, after all, and sometimes it’s best to cut your losses.

The more cunning ones may use a succession of minor transfers and withdrawals that go smoothly to gain your trust over a more extended deception. Once you start to believe them, they set up a large reload bonus offer as the bait. What occurs if you consume it? You guessed it—they freeze your account, shut it, and either stonewall you or give you the finger.

2) Rigged games

This gambling casino scam is not too complicated. They operate rigged games that temporarily let you win but ultimately drain all of your money. This one only needs some good ol’ fashioned rigged software—neither 4D chess nor the cunning of a Bond villain will do.

Most people who frequently play online or work in the online betting sector are pretty familiar with the shady casino software firms that provide rigged games. Respected casinos don’t cooperate with them, and reputable casino software providers often avoid cooperating with those that do. It’s crucial to keep in mind that as it’s the first step in avoiding rigged games.

3) Ransomware scam 

Imagine that you sign up for a new casino, have your credit card ready, and follow the instructions to download the desktop client or app. You are rewarded for doing so by an enormous welcome bonus and several bonus spins on your preferred slots. You obediently download the programme and select install since you’re feeling lucky. Imagine you are in between a crucial bet and the system hangs or goes blank. 

You chuckle, recline in a state of shock, and look for the shutter button, but there is none. Most computer security specialists will tell you it isn’t much you can do if you’ve been the victim of ransomware. Either give up using the gadget or make a payment.

4) Identity theft

These days, identity theft is a worldwide problem, which has grown to a great extent since 2017. The scammers have been there all across and in the US alone a fraud of $450 million has been reported which was caused using the wrong identity. 

Identity thieves frequently operate rogue casinos, and they may also sell your personal information to customers on the black market. They are either con artists themselves or serve as a conduit for data that con artists buy. In either case, they are crooks, and you should steer clear of their casinos at all costs.

5) Failure to pay winnings

Because it dashes your hopes and aspirations after they’ve already come true, this casino fraud may be the most painful. It proceeds as follows: When you try to withdraw a large win or jackpot the casino declines to pay you. They’ll either disappear and stop responding to your emails and phone calls, or they’ll get in touch with you and inform you that a secret clause in the terms of service on page 15 allows them the right to refuse to make payment. This does occur, and you might be shocked at some of the well-known companies and brands that use this sort of deception. 

Contact information is absent

No matter how much the casino may wish to safeguard your personal information, it must always give you a mechanism to get in touch with them. There’s a significant probability the platform is a fraud if neither an email address nor a phone number is provided.

Numerous fraud gamblers build fictitious casinos without a physical location or phone number. As a result, you are unable to confirm their legitimacy. If you come across such a platform, you should get in touch with the gaming commission right once to inquire about registration. If they haven’t, then it’s most likely a con.


Every day, a large number of new online gaming sites emerge. Unfortunately, some sites are run by fake gamblers who attempt to rob unwary gamers of their money. You must determine whether the website is authorised and secure before using it to prevent being a victim of such fraud.

Additionally, you should be aware of the numerous online casino fraud schemes that might deceive you into parting with your money. Frauds posing as flash sales, bonuses, rigged games, free spins and no deposit scams, and unfair payment methods are a few examples. Additionally, you should confirm the legitimacy of the platform you select. You improve your odds of making a wise decision by following these procedures.

  1. What are casinos on blacklists?

The term “Blacklisted Casino” is used to designate a shady casino in the field of online gaming. It is employed by an operator who defrauds players of their money. 

  1. Do internet casinos commit fraud?

In conclusion, renowned established online casinos are trustworthy, fair, and non-rigged. But it’d be wise to weigh your alternatives before you start playing online poker. You can contrast and compare our recommended online casinos on our casino overview page.

  1. Can a casino online refuse to make a payout?

No, a casino which is genuine will never refuse to pay. The majority of the time, you may settle the dispute directly with the casino or through a service that offers dispute resolution in conjunction with the casino.

  1. Are internet casinos’ games rigged?

Poker sites have a larger than average possibility of cooperation than casino sites, yet there is no increased likelihood that the site would be rigged. Players that communicate to discuss their cards over other than gameplay are said to be colluding. There is some cause for concern when it comes to this kind of cheating in online poker.


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