The most popular sport in India is cricket, which is frequently seen as a religion and cricket players as deities. Indians have grown increasingly interested in cricket over the years, and whenever the Indian team is playing, the stadiums are packed to full capacity, and the viewers at home are riveted to the television. However, cricket isn’t restricted to merely playing and watching nowadays. The introduction of the internet has given cricket a whole new dimension.

India’s growing cricket enthusiasm has also spiked a significant gambling interest. With so many people using the internet in India, cricket betting presents a unique chance for online bookmakers to attract new clients. 

Evolution of cricket betting in India

There is no dispute as to when cricket became a sport to bet on, despite the fact that its beginnings are difficult to trace. Cricket has a long history of gambling, from the first bets of the wealthy and powerful to the more mainstream, low-stakes betting of the common fan.

Modern betting enthusiasts can now wager on cricket as it is being played, with odds altering instantly depending on each bowl and, of course, an instant payment. But things weren’t always like that.

Cricket’s early years were supported by the wealthy, who bet on the different county teams. The British press, which focused more on odds than game coverage, increased the appeal of cricket betting.

Many of those teams are still in existence today. It is said that wealthy lords from all across the UK supported their own teams in the 17th and 18th centuries in order to enhance their bets. However, as the game gained popularity, more casual fans began to wager on cricket games, democratizing the activity with lesser stakes.

Over time, new, more approachable forms of cricket, such as Twenty20 and Big Bash contests, were developed, and this grew more widespread.

Bookmakers realized that India is a strong and sizable market to set up shop in as a result of the rising demand and rising supply. Because of their interface, services, worldwide presence, and the fact that these operators offered exclusive promotions to the Indian public during the Cricket World Cup and IPL Seasons, some of the more well-known and famous bookies attracted a lot of public attention.

Reasons behind the growing popularity of Cricket Betting

Indians are known for their intense enthusiasm for cricket. They have a unique and outstanding affinity for this sport. Not only do Indian fans of cricket appreciate this amazing sport, but India has also given some of cricket’s top players. It is one factor in the enormous popularity of online cricket betting in India. They can now keep up with the most recent cricket news while also having the opportunity to make money playing their favorite sport. Here are a few further justifications for why online cricket betting is so common and loved in India.

After making significant financial gains, several people have altered their lives by betting on cricket. Punters may always place bets because there are so many competitions both domestically and internationally. They now compare betting on cricket to easy money, which is why it’s so popular. You need to understand the basics and you may enjoy earning real money easily. 

Before ever putting a wager on a sport, gamblers are urged to educate themselves as much as possible about it. And compared to other sports, cricket is better known in India. As a result, they avoid betting on other well-known sports like basketball and football. Who wants to trust something they don’t comprehend, after all? Since it is a safer bet, they decide to gamble on cricket, a sport that they are quite knowledgeable with. The cricket wagers continue to improve because of this.

What aspects do you take into account while making a sports wager? If you’re like the majority of people, you like to bet on sports. And as we’ve already said, cricket is a popular sport in India. So it seems to reason that they would wager on cricket. After all, they are familiar with the rules of the game, nearly every player in the professional league, and the sport itself. For them, investing in their preferred athletes is more than just about generating money. Also, it has been stated by the previous gamblers that because of the various odds, it is easier to earn money on cricket betting

An insight into the future of cricket betting in India

The local betting industry in India was projected to be worth about $1.2 billion, or 90 billion rupees. By the end of next year, analysts predict that the value of the Indian cricket betting industry might reach 143 billion rupees, or about $2 billion if the present trend continues.

With these figures, India appears to be a promising location for a future sports betting market. This is the reason that a lot of gaming businesses are beginning to enter the Indian gambling market. 

With this activity increasing, it is just a matter of time before the Indian government considers regulating the sector. Online cricket betting is still illegal in the nation as of right now. Only a few states, including Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, have explicitly stated that they forbid internet gaming within their borders.

Despite these obstacles, the cricket betting business appears to have a bright future. This is due to the fact that many states are either contemplating legalizing gambling or have already made moves in that direction. 

Additionally, the Sports (Online Gaming and Prevention of Fraud) Bill was introduced in Parliament by renowned politician and MP Shashi Tharoor. He wants to legalize online sports betting through his law, and he also wants to establish rules that would protect users’ interests and prevent black money from being laundered illegally.

Even while the sector is unquestionably moving on the right path, it will only take time to see if India is prepared to legalize and control gambling in the nation.


The future of online cricket betting in India does, in the end, appear to be bright, but it is each person’s obligation to always act lawfully and observe all rules and regulations. It will also be beneficial if internet betting is more controlled than it is currently, so people feel secure and can enjoy it more openly rather than attempting to disguise it as a dubious enterprise.


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