Andar Bahar, also known as Katti is a card game of Indian origin. Andar Bahar is an uncomplicated and facile guessing game that is played against the dealer. Although Andar Bahar has an Indian origin what cannot be disregarded is the popularity that the game is gaining amongst Westerners and that is why this game can be found in online casinos worldwide. In this guide, we have tried to include all the important aspects of the game. Let’s take a closer look.

How to play the Andar bahar card game?

Andar Bahar is a game that is based on luck or chance. The game’s dealer places a card face up on the table. The participants must choose one of the two heaps, Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) (outside). The dealer then alternately deals the cards into two piles. The winning section is determined by which pile holds the matching card. All you need to do is to follow the Andar bahar casino game rules to enjoy playing the game in the best manner. 

The dealer alternates dealing single cards face-up from the remaining deck to the andar and bahar piles. If the middle card is red, the first card is given to the bahar pile; if it is black, the first card is dealt with the andar pile. In both offline and online Andar bahar, the deal will continue until a card arrives that matches the rank of the middle card. The players that bet on the pile where the matching card appears to win the game, while the others lose.

Players & cards

The deck of 52 cards is shuffled, and the Joker, the first card dealt face-up, is the first card dealt. On a bespoke table, the dealer takes bets from the players, either Andhar or Bahar. Following the placing of bets, a single card is dealt face-up on each side. The winners are evaluated, and the prizes are distributed.

In the centre of the Andar Bahar table, a solitary Joker card is dealt face up. This card will determine the game’s fate and how it will conclude. After that, the croupier collects bets from all across the table. Because only Andar and Bahar may be gambled on, this game has a 50:50 probability of winning.

After all, bets have been collected, each side is dealt a single card face up. The face value of the cards is determined by comparing them to the Joker card. If the Joker card is a 9 of Hearts, for example, any side with a 9-valued card will be proclaimed the winner. Players will then be compensated according to the game’s regulations.


This is the next step in learning how to play the card game andar bahar. The side where the initial card was dealt has a higher chance of winning because the first matching card will appear there, and the payments reflect this. A winning bet is paid out at odds of 0.9 to 1 on the side where the first card was dealt in Andar Bahar. A winning wager on the side where the second card was dealt is paid out at even odds (1 to 1). If you want to learn how to play andar bahar online, you must first grasp this concept. In Andar bahar, the colour of the middle card determines where the first card is dealt:


According to standard Andar Bahar regulations, the initial draw card must be placed on the Andar side. Another technique is to use the colour of the joker to choose which side to begin with.

This Andar Bahar variant or rule is not available in online casinos. In friendly home games, it’s more prevalent.

1st Bet: It isn’t always required to choose a card based on the middle card’s color. The first card is always dealt in andar in online Andar bahar, and the second card is always dealt in bahar. In this scenario, the odds on andar are 0.90 to 1, whereas the odds on bahar are 1 to 1.

2nd Bet: After seeing the first two cards, a player can put a second wager on either side if none of the first two cards matches the center card. At this stage, the odds in favor of the first match appearing on the side of the first card dealt are higher than normal at the start of the game.

Aside from the aforementioned, you may create your own online Andar bahar techniques, employ them, and win the game. As you can see, this Andar bahar game is somewhat different from other card games, yet it is just as entertaining to play. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to win a large sum of money. Thousands of Indians have downloaded Andar bahar real money games and are playing and earning large sums of money. I hope this helped you gain a better understanding of how to play andar bahar online, as well as the rules and tricks.


  1. How can you win andar bahar?

winning the andar bahar game depends on your luck completely.

  1. Can I get an instant withdrawal?

You can apply for a withdrawal but it might take around 6 hours to reflect in your account.

  1. Is it safe to play the andar bahar game?

Andar bahar is a safe game because of the ease with which it can be played. It is easy to understand and makes you earn a good income. 

  1. Can one deposit immediately to the account?

Yes, you can do it but the amount will take around half an hour to update.

  1. Is it a good idea to play andar bahar for a continuous income?

See, you need to be cautious to avoid any kind of risk. you might lose a lot of money if you do not pay attention. 


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