A nation that is host to almost 20% of humanity is surely a popular market for any commercial activity. This holds even for the betting industry. India is one of the most diverse nations when it comes to sports betting. Different sports in India are now included as a result of recent advancements in the online sports betting market, providing a variety of betting opportunities for both domestic and international games.

List of Sports for Betting in India

As mentioned earlier, India’s diversity in the field of sports is second to none. You can find fans of almost all the sports in the nation. When it comes to betting on events or competitions that take place in India or around the world, the selections are so numerous that there are lots of options for Indians to gamble on. Let us take a quick look at some of the most popular sports in India that Indians prefer to place their wager on.


There is no disputing the fact that cricket is the most-watched sport in India and continues to be the most popular sport for betting. Since the activity is so well-liked, it is simple to find players practically anywhere in the nation. Many individuals wager on domestic and international cricket matches. The most popular events for Indians to bet on are:-

One of the greatest aspects of cricket when it comes to cricket betting is that there are many types of bets you can place during a game. So, cricket has become a thrilling sport for bettors thanks to the range of markets that online bookmakers provide. Along with placing bets on the outcome of the game, enthusiastic gamblers may also wager on the total amount of runs, the player who will score the most runs, the first dismissal’s manner, and a variety of other outcomes. With in-play betting, clients have the option to wager on a ball-by-ball basis, which heightens the excitement.


Granted, the sport of football is not as popular as cricket in India. But still, it has a loyal and growing fan base in India. A reason for this is the fact that it is a global sport, so there is always a game going on in one place or the other. Some bettors are interested to bet on their favorite teams from the I-League and the Indian Super League. But the major share of betting is taken by European leagues like:-

All of the major sportsbooks provide dozens of betting markets with hundreds of different picks for each game, which is one compelling aspect that makes football betting so alluring. Additionally, all different categories of bettors have wagering options. Some of the types of bets include top scorer, first scorer, final scoreline, number of corner kicks, and many more.

Horse Racing

The Indian horse racing business consists of nine racetracks overseen by six Indian horse racing agencies. Despite the difficulty of betting on this sport, online bettors may still select numerous combinations and strategize with various techniques to win. Some of the most popular events to bet are:-

Before making bets on horse racing, bettors consider all conceivable combinations. A popular betting analysis, for example, is calculating and assessing a jockey’s history, unusual changes, and current performance.


Tennis betting is a developing sector throughout the world, with sportsbooks offering new odds and betting opportunities — including live betting — all the time. It may not be one of India’s most popular sports, but many Indian punters crave it. This game’s scoring system produces dramatic variations in the live betting odds. The most popular events to bet on are the four grand slams which are namely:-

As the game is dominated by a handful of players, there is not much to be gained from betting on the match winners in the early stages of any tournament. Rather, the focus is on in-game aspects like the exact final scoreline, and the number of games in a set or a match.

Field Hockey

Hockey was the first popular sport in India before cricket took over the mantle. However, this does not imply that the game is not popular in the country anymore. The game still has a dedicated and loyal fanbase in the country and so betting on the sport is a very enticing alternative in the country. Indian national competitions are among the best field hockey betting choices. Some of the most common bets in this sport include:-

As the aspects of the sport are similar to those of football, the types of bets are also very similar. Punters can bet not only on the final score but also on the top scorer, first scorer, number of goals, etc.


Kabaddi is a well-known indigenous game in India that has acquired appeal outside its boundaries. Nowadays, betting companies now provide gamblers more opportunities to try out numerous betting variations during international or local kabaddi events. The most popular kabaddi events are:-

Betting on this local sport has expanded by leaps and bounds since the formation of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014. Whether it is the total number of tags or the player with the most raiding points, betting on kabaddi is as exciting as the game itself.

How to Select the Best Betting Site

Now that you are aware of the most profitable and popular sports to bet on, it is time to choose the bookkeeper that is ideal for you. Here are some parameters that you should focus on before choosing a bookkeeper:-

Bonuses & Promotions

They play an important role in giving the punter an advantage. The welcome bonus might entice the customers in the beginning but it is the existing benefits that will help the punters in the long term.

Payment Options

Bettors should always prefer a betting site that has a plethora of payment methods available. Indian punters should make sure that the bookkeeper supports the usage of Indian rupees, which will help in avoiding conversion fees.

Sports Coverage

Different bettors have different tastes. Some prefer a holistic coverage of all the sports, while others prefer selective coverage of certain sports. Make sure that the betting site caters to your need before you invest in it.

Security & Safety

It is very important to feel safe when you invest in any betting site. This is where licenses play a huge role in alleviating your fears. As betting is an activity that involves financial transactions, make sure that the site you have chosen has got licenses from reliable organizations.

Customer Support

Every betting website should have robust customer support to answer your queries promptly. If your betting site does not have good customer support, maybe it is time to reconsider your choice.

The abovementioned list of sports is most popular amongst the bettors but there are other sports available as well. Every sportsbook is going to cater to different markets and will also extend relentless odds. You will also be able to find some amazing bonuses that enable you to enjoy real money. We hope that this guide was useful for you.


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