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What cookies are and how we use them are described in this cookies policy. You should read this policy to learn about the types of cookies we use, the data we gather via cookies, and how we utilise that data.

Cookies don’t normally contain information that directly identifies a user, but we may link the data contained in and retrieved through Cookies to the personal information we have on file for you. See our Privacy Policy for more details on how we use, handle, and safeguard your personal data.

We don’t save sensitive personal data in the cookies we use, including account passwords or mailing addresses.

Interpretation and Definitions

You may choose whether or not to have your name, email address, and website saved in cookies whenever you leave a comment on our website. These are provided for your convenience so that you won’t have to re-enter your information each time you post a remark. The shelf life of these cookies is one year.

If you go to our login page, we’ll temporarily store a cookie to see if your browser permits them. This cookie is deleted when your browser is closed and does not contain any personal information.

We will also create a number of cookies when you log in to preserve your login details and screen display preferences. Screen option cookies last a year, whereas login cookies are only valid for two days.


The following circumstances establish the meanings of words whose first letter is capitalised. The following definitions are to be understood equally whether they are written in the singular or plural.


Company (also known as “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our” in this Cookies Policy) refers to Online Casinos in India for the purposes of this Cookies Policy.

  • Cookies are little files that a website places on your computer, mobile device, or any other device and that, among other things, store information about your browsing history on that website.
  • Website is a reference to Indian Online Casinos, reachable at
  • You refers to the person who is accessing or using the website, or, if appropriate, the business or other legal organisation acting on their behalf.

The use of the Cookies

Cookies We Use Cookies come in two varieties: “Persistent” cookies and “Session” cookies. When you go offline, persistent cookies stay on your computer or mobile device, but session cookies disappear as soon as your web browser is closed.

For the reasons listed below, we make use of both session and permanent cookies:

  • Essential / Necessary Cookies
  • Session cookies, type
  • Administration: Ours
  • Purpose: These Cookies are required for the Website to function properly and to provide you access to certain of its features. They aid in user authentication and guard against unauthorised usage of user accounts. We only use these Cookies to provide you with the services you have requested since we cannot deliver them without them.

Persistent cookies are used for functionality.

Use: These cookies let us remember decisions you make when using the website, including your preferred language or login information. These Cookies are used to provide You a better tailored experience and save you from having to input your preferences each time you visit the Website.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

If you would rather not have cookies used on the website, you must first turn off cookie use in your browser and then remove any cookies that have been saved there that are related to this website. You may always utilise this option to stop cookies from being used.

You could encounter some difficulties using the website if you refuse to accept Our Cookies, and certain features might not work properly.

Please go to your web browser’s help pages if you want to erase Cookies or tell it to delete or refuse Cookies.

We may link your actions throughout a browser session with the help of a session cookie. When you open the browser window and exit it, a browser session begins.

A persistent cookie is one that is activated each time you visit the website that set it and stays on your device for the time period indicated in the cookie.

Cookies used for performance purposes: These cookies track your website usage and navigation. For instance, the pages you visit the most frequently and whether you ever receive error warnings from them. These cookies don’t gather any data that may be used to identify you. These cookie types only collect aggregated data, which is anonymous. It is simply used to enhance the functionality of the website.

Advertising or targeting cookies are used to offer advertisements that are pertinent to your interests. Additionally, they assist determine the effectiveness of advertising efforts by limiting the quantity or frequency of advertisements you view. Usually, advertising networks install them with the owner of the website’s permission. 

They keep track of your visits to specific websites and the pages you read, and they share this data with other companies like advertising. Targeting or advertising cookies are frequently related to website features offered by the other organization. These third-party analytics companies include Google, VWO, Hotjar, and Clicky as examples.

You may delete the cookies by following your web browser’s instructions, but doing so might prevent some of our Service’s features from working correctly and impair your online experience. We advise visiting for further details on cookies and instructions on how to disable them.

Our website may also use widgets, beacons, and other technologies that primarily gather Non-personal Information about your browsing preferences. Such technologies are used by us on a regular basis, including gathering statistics about how you use our service and customise it to your preferences. Technical diagnostics and analytical tools are provided with the assistance of the information gathered through such tracking technologies by third parties acting on our behalf.

How we make use of the data we gather?

We will only use your personal information if it is legal for us to do so. We will most frequently utilise your personal information in the following situations:

  • When it is required to protect our (or another party’s) legitimate interests, and your interests and basic rights do not trump those interests
  • when the lawful basis for processing your personal data is that you have specifically consented to it. Before emailing you with direct marketing messages from third parties, we will always get your permission. You have the option to revoke your marketing permission at any moment by getting in touch with us.

For two weeks, your login will be persistent if you choose “Remember Me.” The cookies for your login will be deleted after you log out of your account.

In your browser, a new cookie will be saved if you update or publish an article. This cookie just contains the post ID of the article you just modified and contains no personal information. It runs out after a day.

We utilise personal data in the ways that are outlined in this privacy statement. The information we gather, which may contain your personal information, is used for the following legitimate reasons and purposes in addition to the ones mentioned above (without precluding your interests and basic rights):

  • In order to offer our Services (For instance, allow you to share and upload User Content, allow you to follow what other users submit, etc.);
  • To stay in touch with you, to address any questions you may have about any of the content on the site, to tell you of our most recent developments, and to send you email newsletters;
  • To assist and resolve issues with our Services;
  • to expand our company and develop our business plan give you information about your membership in our membership that is related to that membership.

Brands and trademarks referenced on our website are not ours. Trademark ownership is vested in the proper parties.

Our site’s published material is copyright-protected and will always be our property.

Your financial and personal information is important to us. We have a robust data protection system in place to guard against online phishing and identity theft.

Information is not shared, traded, transferred, or disclosed by us unless it is legally compelled to do so and is otherwise necessary.

To guard against theft, unauthorised use, and manipulation of any important data, we have put strict security measures in place.