Andar Bahar

Live Andar Bahar is a beloved Indian card game that can be learned in seconds. Renowned as Katti or Mangatha, the Andar bahar live game is conventionally played with real money and can interest anyone who wants to transform a few bucks into lakhs. This card game is fairly new to the online gaming industry but has a committed and consistent fan base.


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What is the Andar Bahar live casino game?

Andar Bahar is a game that has captivated players all over the world and is available at several leading online casinos. It’s a terrific choice for players of all skill levels because it’s not as intense as card games like Poker. The presence of specific websites that provide live Andar Bahar has taken the popularity of this game to another level, the reason being the added advantage of additional betting possibilities and unique reward points.

What “Andar Bahar” precisely means is “Left” & “Right”. The game is also popularly referred to as Katti. The game emerged in the south of India and is new in comparison to online games like Blackjack or Baccarat but its popularity in India cannot be disregarded.

The reason why Live Andar Bahar is picking up steam is its simple & uncomplicated nature. It can be played with a single deck of cards & with a large number of players without any limitation to it.

What’s remarkable is that even though Andar Bahar is a game of chance, if not for intelligent guesses it might not last longer than 5 minutes.

 How to play a live Andar Bahar Card Game?

When playing live Andar Bahar, the outcome is largely determined by luck, with a little smart guessing thrown in for good measure. Players then pick one of two table sides: Andar (the left side) or Bahar (the right side) (the right side).


You have the option of placing your “First Bet” on Andar or Bahar. On Bahar, the cards are dealt first, followed by Andar. If Bahar is dealt the Joker first, all bets on Bahar will be paid off at 25% of the stake, while Andar would lose. All bets on Andar will be paid out at even money if his first card is the Joker.


The dealer will declare the ‘2nd Bet’ after one card has been drawn on each side and the Joker has not been revealed. If the first card of the second ‘Bahar’ bet is a Joker, all second bets on Bahar will be paid at 25% of the original wager, but the first bet on Bahar will be paid at even money.

Live Casino Andar Bahar Rules

Even though Andar Bahar live casino is a basic card game, there are a few general rules and gameplay elements that you should be aware of before getting started.

  • There is a card randomly selected and is kept in an open position for everyone to see. 
  • After then, players wager on whether a card with the same face value would appear in Andar (on the left) or Bahar (on the right) (to the right).
  • The Andar Bahar live casino betting areas are then handed cards. Dealing begins with Andar if the black suit is the opening card (clubs or spades).
  • If the colour of the card is read then it is considered that the game will be played keeping bahar as the base. 
  • If there is any more betting, two cards will be dealt with each betting area, and players will put their final bets.
  • The round will terminate when any of the betting places receive a card with the same value as the chosen one.

Terms of the Game

One of the advantages of playing Andar Bahar live casino is that there is no need to learn or memorize intricate vocabulary. 

  • There are just two things that players must keep in mind:
  • The left betting place on the table is referred to as Andar. In Hindi, it signifies ‘within.’
  • The right betting area on the table is referred to as Bahar. In Hindi, it signifies ‘outside.’

Taking Chances

When playing live casino Andar Bahar online, there is normally a minimum stake required to join, which may be as little as ten dollars. 

Again, many types of Andar Bahar live games may be accessible, particularly in live casinos or video games. In maximum cases, you will be asked to begin with the wager once the lead card has been displayed. After that, you’ll have a few seconds to pick between Andar and Bahar as your forecast and put your bet.

Side Bets to Consider

Ezugi Andar Bahar’s live game may also allow you to place some interesting side bets at live Andar Bahar. Bets are made by first selecting the proper chip amount on the screen, and then selecting the card. Andar Bahar’s instructions on wagering limits, how to place bets, and if any extra bets may be placed at the table maximum limit are always shown on screen.

Live Andar Bahar Game Variety

There are 5 significant live Andar Bahar game providers that you can rely on. 

  • Ezugi’s OTT Andar Bahar Live
  • OneTouch’s Andar Bahar
  • Super Spade Games’ Andar Bahar 
  • Playtech Andar Bahar games
  • XPG Andar Bahar

How to choose the best live Andar Bahar casino in India?

When there are hundreds of alternatives accessible online, picking the best real-money Indian casino might be difficult. You can identify a relevant live Andar Bahar casino for Indian customers based on a set of stringent criteria. Check it out!

  • Authorized & Licensed

Make sure that the casino you choose is licensed and approved by reputable gaming regulators such as the MGA, UKGC, and Curacao, among others.

  • Promotions & Bonuses

For new players to play Andar bahar or other casino games, the casino site must provide excellent bonuses and deals.

  • A wide variety of games are available.

There needs to be a huge variety of e-sports, virtual gaming, and sports betting alternatives in addition to casino games so that you do not get bored easily. 

  • Various payment options

The online bettors must have access to secure deposit and withdrawal options. For online transactions, the recommended casino sites solely employ SSL-encrypted technology.

  • Compatibility of Devices

Small and big screen devices must be compatible with online gambling sites. The sites need to be user-friendly on iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. 

  • Casino software

Top casino software providers including Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Netent, Microgaming, One Touch and others supplying all of the Andar bahar versions must be part of the site.

Live Andar Bahar Tips and Strategies

Andar Bahar live is a fast-paced card game that is incredibly entertaining to play. Even though Andar Bahar is a game of chance like Blackjack, Roulette, etc there isn’t much a player can do in terms of application of strategies in order to maximize their chance of winning. Unlike Teen Patti, the outcome of Andar Bahar is mostly dependent on luck. There is no plan of action that can be applied to increase the odds of winning a reward, as is the case with most games of chance.

However, if you truly want to improve your odds of winning, there are a few general guidelines to follow. Before you begin playing, you must first learn the game and grasp how the dealing and betting function. You may even practice on your own time. Before you start playing for real money, remember to create a budget for yourself.

  • You must have a thorough understanding of the game’s scenario.
  • If you can only devote 100 per cent of your talents, you must consider your opponents to be the strongest.
  • When betting, be logical and take into account all of the advantageous odds.
  • Reading your opponents’ playing style is the finest Andar Bahar-winning recipe. It will assist you in determining the best approach for playing the game.

Andar bahar live or virtual?

Live Andar Bahar casino is the way to go for players who are interested in experiencing real-time gambling. A live dealer manages your cards & regulates your game. A lot of live casinos permit you to play via your phone or tablet making it easier for the gamers that are always on the go.

Virtual Andar bahar works well for anyone who doesn’t want to socialize and wants to just concentrate on the game. The virtual version is animated and is available in 2D or 3D. In a virtual Andar Bahar game, the results are under the control of a random number generator which infers that the results are fully random.

In our opinion, nothing will beat the thrill & excitement of a live Andar Bahar for the following reasons:

  • HD broadcast from a studio or a brick-and-mortar casino
  • Interaction is allowed with the dealer as well as everyone at the Andar Bahar table. 
  • There are opportunities to customize your gameplay and camera angles as well. 
  • It provides the greatest gaming experience while also delivering on its promises.

Live Andar Bahar is on the list of most desired and loved games in India. Its easy and innocent nature makes it worth a shot. No matter whether you are a pro or a novice, this Andar Bahar lives casino game is for everyone.


Yes, it is legal. There exist no laws that categorically mention playing live Andar Bahar as illegal. A lot of online casinos that cater to Indian players display Andar Bahar in their catalogue.

Live Andar Bahar is a game of chance and that is why winning depends purely on your luck. Although, you can maximise your chances of winning the game by making sure that you understand the rules.

Yes, you can play Andar Bahar for free as there are casinos that offers the same.

There are various casinos that let you play Andar bahar online. The game is available in brick-and-mortar casinos as well.

Yes, you can win real money in Andar Bahar live when you are ready to play with real cash.

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