In recent years, as kabaddi’s popularity expanded, so did interest in wagering on the sport. Millions of people follow Kabaddi in India, Bangladesh, and Asia, and many of them like betting, particularly on the Indian Pro Kabaddi League. Of course, before you run out and put a wager on whichever sport you want, you should first study the basics of online betting. What is the best way to bet on Kabaddi online?


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Pro Kabaddi Rules(PKL)

Kabaddi is a sport that is played in India. Even though kabaddi is a rather straightforward game in terms of its fundamentals, there are a few regulations that must be kept in mind when it comes to scoring points. Additional regulations have been added to the PKL to make the sport even more engaging for spectators. We’ve included all of the varied rules for each part of the game below.


Professional men’s kabaddi is played on a rectangular pitch with a length of 13 meters and a width of 10 meters. The women’s team plays on a 12 m × 8 m field, which is somewhat smaller than the men’s. The field is divided into two halves by a central (or mid) line. There are also balk and bonus lines, both of which may help you get points.


Each squad has 12 players and competes against the other. Only 7 players are allowed on the field at any given time, as long as they are in a defensive posture. The raiding team will only have one player on the field. As the game progresses, team members will raid in order. Because kabaddi is such a physically demanding sport, bouts are frequently divided by age, weight, and gender. Men will never play against women, and kids will never play against adults.


Professional kabaddi has tight restrictions, including how long a match should last and how long a raid should last. The game is split into two 20-minute halves, with a 5-minute half-time break in between.

Points awarded

The raiding team will send one player into the other side’s half of the field (the raider). The raider takes a breath before attempting to tag as many opponent players as possible before returning to their side of the field. Before breathing again, they must do so. Each member of the other team who is successfully tagged earns a point, but only if the raider returns to their half before the timer runs out.

Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips

Following that, we’ll look at the game’s regulations, as well as online kabaddi betting and the most popular kabaddi betting tips.


  • Various bookmaking organizations provide several perks and awards, as a consequence of which many consumers lose their deposits in their accounts. You must understand and analyze the things before placing your bet. 
  • Generally, bet on individuals and teams that have performed well in a few recent matches, as well as look at the winning statistics of such teams, as this additional information will give you an edge over your competition.
  • In every squad, there are a few players that are regarded as icons. Everyone should be aware of such players since they are the ones who can change the game at any time.
  • Finally, considering the game’s live streaming, the games should be played.

Follow the regulations

Kabaddi is a sport in which two teams of 12 players compete against each other (7 on the field and 5 in the reserve). The opponents are on opposing sides of the 12.5 m by 10 m playing area, which is divided in the middle by a line. The game begins with one of the sides sending an “invader” to the opposing team. He keeps shouting “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!” while he’s there. The “invader” can be in opponents’ territory while shouting and not catching his breath.

A single defeat does not spell the end of the game.

Playing and predicting kabaddi is just recreational. It’s important to remember, though, that the loss is genuine, and you don’t have to give up immediately away. Best of all, betting is only a pastime. At the very least, this will enable you to place reasonable bets and improve your analyst’s skills. Experts recommend betting no more than 15% of the cash that is scheduled to be spent.

Understand the Physiology

In Kabaddi, the physiology of the team’s players plays a significant part because the game is incredibly physical, but the mind also plays a vital role. As a result, having strong physiology is an important part of the game.

Level of talent of the players

In any sport, certain players have a distinct skill set and approach to the game. It’s no different in Kabaddi, where players lend a distinct and exquisite touch to their play.


Pro Kabaddi has established itself as another domestic sports league for Indian betting enthusiasts and sports admirers. The extensive acknowledgment and betting volumes for Pro Kabaddi League matches are touching skies in India which stipulates that the Kabaddi trend is shooting up and people want to play & bet on something other than cricket.


A handicap in the form of points may be implemented to make the betting markets more intriguing. If you bet on Team A to win, you would win the wager if they were still the winners after subtracting 3 points from their score. If you bet on Team B, you would win the wager if they came out on top after 3 points were added to their score.

Every match will provide five points to the winner, while the loser will receive one point if the match is decided by three or fewer points.

Amar, Suranjeevi, Huttuttoo, and Gaminee are the four types of kabaddi played in India.

The Pro Kabaddi game is played for 40 minutes.

In order to start betting on Kabaddi, just sign-up on a website that is recommended. In the sports menu you can select Kabaddi and start playing.

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