Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling refers to the social initiative managed and taken forward by the gambling industry comprising the government, vendors, and operators accompanying the gaming control board. This initiative aims to fend off players’ behavior by transforming gambling into addiction from a leisure activity. In addition, it sets the seal on the fairness and ethics of the operations. It also encourages the generation of awareness among the players which was never the case in traditional gambling.

The casinos ensure that players are not surpassing their limits using tools like time out, reality checks, time limits, credit card restrictions and more. These ways are followed by reputed and licensed casinos to prevent their customers from the prospective disadvantages of gambling.

We understand and value the trust of our players and along with that being a licensed casino, we prefer to progress lawfully. That is why our responsible gambling segment will provide the assistance and aid that all players require to restrain themselves. Our vision beholds enabling the players to be safer and clued up to avoid any potential troubles.

Both online operators, as well as software suppliers that bring forth an online gambling platform and services, must act as per the responsible gaming fundamentals. Additionally, software suppliers should not turn a blind eye and support online operators to obey technical and legislative demands. Let’s look at 7 types of responsible gambling areas which are associated first-hand with the iGaming industry.

  • Honorable and responsible marketing
  • A dependable and secure online environment 
  • Protection of vulnerable gamblers
  • Underage gambling prevention 
  • Information privacy 
  • Safety measures against criminal activities 
  • Online payment protection 

What is gambling addiction?

In simple words, gambling addiction is an indisputable longing to gamble even if you lack relevant resources. It gets difficult to conceal yourself even if you are aware of the consequences. Progressively, gambling issues can worsen and the person might lose control of their thoughts and actions. Nevertheless, gambling addicts can pick out and perceive their raffle issues but only by the time they have lost their resources, and merited money along with other things they own. That is why it is vital to keep an eye on the player’s behaviour to spot an issue and rectify it timely to prevent hazardous consequences.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction cannot happen nightly. It happens when a player has been involved in it for a very long time and most importantly has no never emphasized the limits. Gambling addiction becomes evident when the person cannot resist gambling irrespective of the conditions and has no fear of consequences left. It has been observed that gambling addiction is most common among indecisive people who are dependent on casinos to let go of their stress, anxiety and loneliness. Another important reason players become obsessed with gambling is due to the illusion that they will get rich quickly which further accelerates financial bankruptcy. Let’s look at some of the most common gambling addiction symptoms below:

  • Consistently either visiting the casino or playing on the apps
  • Getting enraged because of no wins
  • Not focusing on important aspects of life like relationships and commitments 
  • Stealing and selling off luxuries just for the sake of playing
  • Giving a visit to the casino when upset or stressed
  • Feeling uneasy when asked to put an end to the gambling
  • Obtaining large sum of money just to bet
  • Betting to retrieve previous losses.
  • Disturbed relationships due to negative changes in behavior 

How to solve the issue of gambling addiction?

Whether you are helping someone or trying to get rid of a gambling addiction of your own, the list of steps can help you take over this issue significantly.

  1. Accept the issue: To walk down the path of recovery, you first need to address and accept this issue. Realize that your interest and participation in gambling are simultaneously increasing. Once you accept the problem, it becomes easier to move about the retrieval path. After that, you can try reducing the time and money you spend daily in the casino.
  2. Find something new to focus on: To fill the gap created once you start focusing less on gambling, you will need to find a new distraction. A new hobby or a commitment will make you spend less time and money online.
  3. Try to manage the gambling urge: To manage the gambling addiction, you need to visit the casino only for entertainment purposes. Trying to shift your mindset toward gambling from indispensable to entertainment will help you tackle the issue efficiently. A good practice would be to not visit casinos or stay in touch with people who tempt you into gambling.
  4. Help from support groups: A large number of punters are dealing with this issue and are not able to pull themselves out of this issue. That is why thousands of support groups are created that offer counseling to prevent falling into potential gambling problems.

How can a gambling company stay responsible?

A gambling company is directly responsible for every activity it sets in motion and that is why it comes under the accountability of the gambling company to make sure that all the gambling fundamentals are understood and followed by all parties including regulators, platform providers, casino games, suppliers and players. All the platform suppliers must make sure that software products are rooted in the management system which helps in delivering a safe as well as fair gambling experience. This means that even though platform providers aren’t connected directly with final users, they have to fulfill the moral and judicial requirements of online operators regarding the means and tools to regulate the following:

  • Setting bet limits as well as self-exclusion tools by providing information on gambling addiction
  • Identifying new player’s ages in carter to the problem of underage gambling
  • Ensuring the privacy and security by introducing security tools, as opposed to online threats & criminal activities
  • Provision of a secure gambling environment by adding software monitoring capabilities 

How do gamble responsibly?

Gambling irresponsibly is directly proportional to gambling addiction. If you gamble responsibly it will help you avoid the most common gambling triggers. Anyone can consider these gambling practices and have safe fun at casinos.

  • Restricted time and money should be invested
  • Do not take your wins and losses personally. Maintain that gambling is just for entertainment
  • Try to play with a relaxed mind
  • Do not prolong your game if you are on a losing streak. Give it a break.
  •  Accept the odds as well as the probabilities 

How to find a responsible online casino in India?

More and more players prefer playing with an online casino in comparison to brick-and-mortar casinos. That is why it is critical to choose a casino that is safe, secure and legitimate. You will find options in abundance when it comes to online casinos in India but not all online casinos are safe and offer responsible gaming. Choose a casino with the following qualities:

  1. Holds a good reputation on various review platforms
  2. Offers a safe and secure environment
  3. Great first-hand player reviews
  4. Games with less associated risks
  5. License from esteemed iGaming bodies
  6. Casinos with authenticated documentation 

Where can you get the help?

There have been gambling addiction cases in abundance but you can take help from several places to transform yourself. These places are equipped with certified therapists and professionals who work towards the reduction of harmful financial and health outcomes. Given below is the list:

  • A recovery facility is an overall restoration place working globally to assist individuals to dispose of addictions with unique mental conduct treatment (CBT). The mental facility and de-compulsion focus generally manages patients battling liquor and illicit drug use. You can connect with them on their authority site, Rehabs. In.
  • Game Care: Game Care is another dominant UK treatment centre assisting gambling addicts to get back to their normal day-to-day existences. With obstructing programming, self-rejection, cash the executives, independent assets and other supportive methodologies, they assist patients with managing their betting movement in a limited time frame. You can track down a greater amount of them on approach 0808 8020 133
  • Gamblers Anonymous: Established in 1957, Gamblers Anonymous is a programme where people meet up to tackle their normal issues. They have probably the best-affirmed specialists, assisting betting addicts with recognizing their betting fixation indicators. You can contact them on their authority site Gamblers Anonymous or call (626) 960-3500.
  • Hope Trust India: Hope Trust India is one of the best recovery places in India, changing the existence of various junkies with mental advice. Utilizing a comprehensive methodology, they take care of patients’ need to begin treatment for their psychological, physical and profound prosperity of patients. You can connect with them on their authority site, Trust India, or approach 91 7893003070


An increase in the number of online casinos and free internet has led to people and young adults being addicted to gambling, but there is still some hope. Watch out for the symptoms and if you feel powerfully submerged there is a way and guide to get out of the same. To help you out, we have covered everything possible in the abovementioned guide.


  • What is a responsible gambling policy?

Responsible gambling makes sure that there is the provision of a safe, socially responsible and encouraging environment. This is to reduce the potential harm that gambling might cause by stating all the consequences and improvements that one can make. This will help the people to make an informed decision about their participation in gambling.

  • Do online casinos support responsible gambling?

Yes, a lot of online casinos believe responsible gaming to be a crucial part of maintaining a safe and competent environment.

  • How to stop gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction can be prevented if you limit the amount of time and money you spend on casinos, set limits, do not take your wins and losses personally, etc.