Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular sports for bettors. Tennis is the fourth most popular sport for betting in the world, after soccer, American football, and basketball, and the second most popular in Europe, according to data.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to bet on tennis if you’re new to tennis betting. Some of the tennis betting tips below may seem apparent to seasoned gamblers, but this book is written with the novice in mind. This isn’t to say that a seasoned veteran couldn’t benefit from a few of the tennis betting tips shown here, and even if you’re just starting, you can use them as a starting point.



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Tennis betting guidelines

Tennis, more than any other sport, offers a wide variety of variables and other markets. If you want to maximize your income while minimizing your risks, you should develop a tennis betting strategy based on tight discipline and a combination of scientific theories. The following are some of the tennis betting tips and regulations that should be rigorously followed by a bettor:


  • Place a wager only when the stakes are high.
  • Always focus on your area of expertise.
  • Open several accounts with various bookies.
  • Always keep track of any tennis bets you make.
  • Look for the suspicious seed according to tennis betting tips.
  • Recognize the concepts of returning and serving and be aware of the various playing styles.
  • Examine the surfaces

How does tennis betting work?

Tennis betting differs from other sports betting in that there is no draw. Betting on a men’s or women’s tennis match entails selecting the person that one believes will win the match. Other choices include being the first to score a certain number of points, as well as margins and handicaps. You win the possible win amount if your guess is right by following some quick and easy tennis betting tips. 

Tennis games are organized by major events or nations so that you can quickly locate your favorite. All you have to do is choose a game and a market before calculating your bet amount and making your wager.

Strategies for Tennis Betting

Betting markets are frequently active and liquid. Live Tennis betting, on the other hand, has not been particularly popular owing to the prevalence of in-play and live streaming, which has led to many tennis betting clients betting on pre-match and live tennis events.

  • Don’t place too much emphasis on head-to-head competition.

Head-to-head statistics are one of the most difficult aspects of tennis to decipher. It is without a doubt worth being accurately comprehended. For example, there have been instances where two players played in a game a week before with the greatest score being 1.4, then lost 2-0 the following week against the same opponent, and then won 1.7 the following week. The last finding is interesting, although its likelihood isn’t very high. 

  • Spread of the game

Setting the spread is another way to wager on a tennis tournament. Tennis matches are almost always likely to have appealing odds since single-player games have less unpredictability than team sports; consequently, the spread is a way of leveling the playing field. This tennis betting strategy is comparable to a game spread in terms of setup. The main difference is that a gambler wagers on sets rather than games.

  • Betting on Tournament Winners in Advance

Big tennis tournament futures odds are generally available weeks, if not months, in advance. In the correct situations, betting early rather than just before the start of the event might be advantageous. Betting on a well-known challenger is not ideal since bookmakers normally play it safe and provide low odds on the top favorites.

  • Women’s Grand Slams: Supporting Up-and-Comers

Because of the distinct format of the major events, young players seldom win men’s Grand Slams. The best-of-five matches are physically and mentally exhausting. They are unsettling for rising players who have spent their whole careers playing in best-of-three situations, so the shift is difficult and time-consuming.

The Most Common Tennis Betting Types

You may wager on tennis games in a variety of markets. To choose the ideal market for your best tennis prediction, you must first comprehend each form of a bet. Here are a few of the most popular ones, as well as how to wager on them.

  • Matched betting

A match bet resembles a Moneyline or outright wager. However, in this situation, you are selecting the winner of a single tennis game rather than the entire tennis tournament. As previously stated, the possibilities do not have a draw, and you can only choose one of the players.

  • Set betting

Set betting entails predicting the winner of a tennis match as well as the outcome of the tennis sets. By betting on two outcomes in a tennis set, you are essentially increasing the odds. For instance, if Albert Montana is against Santiago Giraldo, your set bets may be as follows:

  • Albert Montana will win by a score of 2-1.
  • Albert Montana will win by a score of 2-0.
  • Santiago Giraldo comes out on top 2-1.
  • Santiago Giraldo is victorious with a score of 2-0.


In a three-set match, bookmakers provide a line for every potential outcome in two of the three best possibilities. This form of wager provides greater chances than betting on a single win or predetermined outcome.

  • Scorecast

A scorecast bet is betting on the exact score of a set as well as the likely winner. However, because you’re betting on two outcomes, the chances for this option are frequently greater than those for many tennis markets. It does, however, carry a bigger risk than other markets. Options for each set are frequently listed in Scorecast marketplaces. As a result, you have the option of betting on one or more sets at the same time. 

  • Betting on the Over/Under

In most situations, over/under betting is a wager on how many sets each game will take to finish. You are not selecting a winner in this situation, but rather the match’s duration. In this segment, the most popular market is generally over/under 2.5.

If you believe the tennis match will be decided in two straight sets, you should bet under 2.5. If you believe the match will be decided in more than two sets, you should bet over 2.5. In most cases, the probabilities for either pick are skewed and not even.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Thousands of sports gamblers throughout the world are looking for methods to wager on various matches throughout the year. It might be difficult to comprehend several distinct marketplaces and appropriately analyze games if you are new to the sport. Just follow our guide for tennis betting tips and you will be able to enjoy betting on the best bets to enjoy a winning streak.


Log onto your sportsbook account and look for the tennis area in the sports section if you want to wager on tennis games. Click the game after scrolling down to the league or nation where it is being played. Choose your favorite markets, input your wager amount, and place your wager.

There is no such thing as the finest market. A solid market will give you fair odds and will match your forecasts.

The Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Davis Cup, WTA Finals, Summer Olympics, and ATP Finals are just a few of the prominent tennis tournaments on which you may wager. Miami Open and BNP Paribas are two more popular leagues.

You can pay out some tennis bets with several bookies. This is not an option that all bets have. Check to see if the cashout option on your bet slip is available in the sportsbook.

Yes. Tennis betting may be done with an accumulator. Select all of the bets you want to put and then press the bet button. The bigger the number of bets you put on your accumulator, the better your chances of winning.

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