India’s love for gambling and cricket goes way back. When the knack of gambling was blended with the love for cricket, it was bound to blow up. However, there are some other reasons which lead to the rise in the popularity of cricket betting. First and foremost, cricket betting is quick and comes with the advantage of easy money. It is low on risk, players can bet on tons of events and cricket is so popular, that the information is available in abundance. Let’s deep dive into the concept of cricket betting a little more.


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How does the cricket betting strategy work?

Every seasoned gambler will advise you to begin cautiously and learn how each technique works. Perhaps the best approach is to calculate an imaginary ticket first and then deposit your funds at a local or online sportsbook. 

  • Start cautiously and be reasonable; carefully calculate the outcome of each cricket match; avoid exaggeration and be realistic;
  • Select the most successful cricket betting strategy for you.
  • Play responsibly.


A cricket betting strategy may be utilized to increase the odds of winning bets. Discipline is one of the most important aspects of any plan. You must keep track of your progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your approach. This allows you to examine where your losses originate and devise strategies to decrease them. 


Multiple forms of bets are combined into a single ‘ticket’ in cricket betting techniques. To safeguard your gains, you may utilise your technique to split the stake across other players or teams. For each bet on the list, cricket betting techniques may be employed for matches or putting a lay bet.


You may also bet on players such as the best bowler or batter, as well as the greatest players. That’s why using one of the two basic betting techniques – mathematical or game-related – is the best approach to get started betting on cricket.

You may also look at your most winning bets and figure out what tendencies are at work, then aim to conduct more of those bets in the future. Your betting strategy for cricket tips must be tailored to the odds and sorts of bets you’ve placed.

Top 5 Popular Cricket Bets

Players have an extensive list of cricket bets to choose from and finally agreeing to a bet requires time & experience. That is why we have created a list of top 5 cricket bets for you. This is going to work for you especially if you are a beginner.

  • Match betting

Match betting is a great option, especially for wagerers who are sports enthusiasts. This is a very uncomplicated option that lets you select your bet from 3 different outcomes which are as follows:

  • Win via the home team
  • Win via always team
  • Draw between both the teams
  • Completed Match

Completed match bet is applicable on one-day matches. As a bettor, you take a wager on whether the game will end on a specific day or not. The outcome can be affected by weather which can make this bet a yes or no.

  • Tied Match

The tied match is another straightforward option that you can choose This is again going to be a yes or no outcome the only difference being you will bet on whether the game will end in a tie or not. If you are lucky enough to choose the right answer, you will win the bet.

  • Top bowler

If you are someone who is interested in wagering on a particular player, this bet is an excellent choice. As a bettor, you will have to carefully bet on the player that you think will score the most wickets in the match. In case you choose the right answer, you will win a staggering payout.

  • Innings Run

The concept of this wager is rather simple than it sounds. As a bettor, you just anticipate the runs that will be scored. In most sportsbooks, this wager is known as an over/under wager. Sportsbook will share the runs and you will have to wager trying to foresee if the number of runs scored will either be over or under the number shared by the sportsbook.

Some other cricket bets are as follows:

Other popular cricket bets include:

  • Bowler match bets
  • Top batsman
  • Batsman match bets
  • Series winner
  • Tournament outright winner
  • Over/under score
  • Series score
  • Method of dismissal
  • Win toss
  • Toss combination
  • Odd/even runs
  • Most run-outs
  • Man of the match

How to become a smart cricket bettor?

Here is a list of betting tips that can help you win.

  • Research

Do not start playing until you understand the basics of the game. Lay aside some time and gain more knowledge about sports and statistics. Focusing and learning about the factors that help in determining the match results and profit margins will enable you to enhance your profits. 

  • Dig into the groups

Before placing your bet on a particular cricket team gauge through their previous performance. Give importance to their winning statistics to understand their current form. This needs to be done for both groups.


  • Examine the Weather conditions

     One smart move that every experienced cricket bettor takes into consideration is watching over weather forecasts before making a decision. Any weather condition is going to make an impact on the quality of a cricket game. Cluded conditions are bound to favour team bowling and dry, sunny day will prove beneficial for batsmen. In case of rain, there is a chance that the match will be drawn.

No other sports are as affected by weather conditions as cricket, so make a point to consider weather forecasts. They will surely help you predict an outcome.

  • Consider the condition of the pitch grounds

Do not forget to pay attention to the state of the pitch. It plays a crucial role in  affecting the quality of the game. Yes, sometimes the play is guided by the surface that is provided by the groundsmen. It has been observed that dry grounds work in favour of bowlers. Also, while looking at the surface of the ground, research the games that were previously played on the same pitch.

  • Examine ranking & ratings

To make an enlightened decision it is recommended to consider two important factors- ranking charts & player/team statistics. All cricket teams are rated on the basis of the total number of points & games played. After this, the teams are then ranked in accordance with their rating. Considering the ratings & rankings will help you understand if the team will help you make a betting profit.

T20/IPL Betting strategy

The Indian Premier Competition (IPL) is India’s top cricket league and one of the world’s most well-known cricket leagues. Critics are primarily focused on giving online cricket betting tips to Indian bettors, hence IPL matches are our primary emphasis.

Every spring, we use our investigative skills to conduct in-depth studies of teams and players in preparation for the next season. We cover every match and give our readers in-depth information to assist them to make informed wagers.

  • Daily Predictions and Picks

Even though the IPL season is extremely hectic and demands a lot of our time, we never miss a match and are always ready to predict accurately for you. To equip you with explicit predictions, our specialists religiously follow the latest cricket news & analyze minute details of all the matches on a daily basis. It is only then we reach a conclusion & create our predictions.

  • Early-innings strategy

T20 cricket is a fast-paced game, and keeping wickets early is crucial to creating a large stockpile. If the first wicket falls within the first five overs, the odds on the contest will overreact. At this time, we can easily bet the batting team to win and pay out a few balls later when the odds have reduced again.

  • Pre-match IPL value strategy

This method entails leveraging your IPL expertise to seek value prior to a match. Do not be swayed by your emotions and support your own side! We’re trying to piece together a picture of a game without considering the odds. We’ll think about stuff like players and injuries. We may also take the weather into account to ensure that they play the entire game.

  • Strategy for securing bonuses

Claim several new customer free bet offers, which is known as bonus bagging. In most situations, this results in an additional free wager equal to 100% of our initial deposit, giving us two opportunities to win. To be successful, we must place intelligent bets and keep in mind that we do not get our stake back when we use a free bet.

Wagering on cricket is a great way to deep dive into your beloved sports. If you are a beginner, do not be in a hurry and try and learn about the techniques. Begin wagering with smaller amounts of money. Increase the bet amount once you gain expertise and comfort. Later on, you can start with complex bets that we have explained above. Hope this benefits you to the best.


A splendid criterion to win at sports betting is avoiding unfamiliar wagerers and hyperactive websites. Using free cricket betting tips is also an intelligent way to win in cricket betting.

The withdrawal time depends on the sportsbook and its rules and regulations. It is strongly recommended to read the norms before betting.

Tipsters can help you recover the lost bet by extending cricket match predictions. They can maximize your chance of winning through every bet.

Understanding the sports, the players and the format of the competition is the key to making things easier. If you are unaware of the betting formats, it is going to be difficult for you.

Yes, players from India can easily bet on online cricket. These cricket bookies are out of India and that is why the Indian government has no control over them.

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