PUBG Betting

PUBG has been a revelation since its inception in 2017, and so betting revolving around this e-sport was bound to be lucrative and attractive. But betting on esports can be a tricky prospect without having the know-how about the game itself. But there is no need to worry, punters, as this guide is here to help you alleviate your concerns and doubts.


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Is PUBG Betting advisable?

In terms of development, the game is now in its prime. While player numbers are not as high as they were in 2018, PUBG gambling has become something to look forward to in the esports scene. Remember that people have been drawn to the gameplay of PUBG, and while there are other comparable games, PUBG remains an esports favorite, behind only Fortnite in total popularity. Compared to other Battle Royale games, the diversity of betting markets and magnitude of competition, particularly for live betting, is unprecedented when it comes to PUBG.

Types of PUBG Bets

The great thing about PUBG betting is that it has something for everyone. With its varied betting market, it has been able to capture the attention of tyro and experienced punters alike. The types of PUBG bets are as follows:-

  • Match Winner

Match winner bets are wagers placed on a certain team or the outcome of a match. This betting market focuses on the match-winner, whether it is the side you support or the outcome you anticipate will occur. Another sort of match-winner bet is the Map Winner, which involves betting on a given team to win when playing on a specific map. This may be comparable to the outright winner bet which is discussed below.

  • Outright Winner

Outright winner bets, depending on the event, focus on the entire outcome of the competition. Outright bets are simple to understand. You can select your favorite team to win the event.

  • Most Kills

Most kills bets are wagers on the pair or squad that had the most kills in the game. This bet is intriguing since it can vary as the game proceeds and is only final at the finish.

  • First Blood

First blood in PUBG refers to the game’s first kill. As this can happen quite early in the game, it might be somewhat less thrilling compared to other betting markets discussed above.

Tips to bet on PUBG

Gambling has always had an element of strategy associated with it. True, luck plays an important part but just relying on luck can only take you so far! Here are some of the expert tips and advice to bet on PUBG games and maximize your chances of winning:-

  • Thorough Research

Gathering relevant information and applying that knowledge to bet on the right market and team is the true core of betting. Do your homework on the game and, more crucially, on the players. Identify the teams and individuals, especially during competitions. Examine their match performance and make a note of their strengths and shortcomings.

  • Play the Game Yourself First

Playing PUBG yourself is a solid technique in and of itself for better understanding the gameplay and gaining insight into the game. When it comes to the game, there are several things that a player will grasp. This might include ideal drop zones, the difficulty rate of a match, and other elements that can be beneficial to your betting endeavor.

  • Start With Safe Bets

New players often lack the knowledge necessary to make an informed and educated wager. With only a few things to rely on, it is preferable to start with safer choices. Avoid jackpot betting when you first start betting. It might be aggravating to have limited skins and currency balance to gamble with. So start betting with the best odds possible.

  • Look For a Good Bookmaker

Do not go with the first PUBG betting site you come across. There are several betting sites and applications to choose from, and you can always make your selection from there. PUBG betting sites provide odds and rewards ranging from 10 to 30. And, while these odds seem appealing, do your study and make comparisons.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

When you establish and fund an account with a PUBG betting site, be certain you understand how to handle it. It is prudent to understand how to manage your money in sports and eSports betting, including knowing how much to bet and where to deposit your money properly. Studying the game is one approach to managing your cash and making intelligent bets.

  • Keep a Close Eye On Pros

Watching players that know all the tricks of the trade is one of the finest methods to learn about the subtleties of PUBG and where you may get a PUBG odds edge. See their Twitch and YouTube feeds, listen to their tips, and watch how they play to have a better grasp of PUBG and a higher chance of winning more bets.


PUBG betting is now becoming a popular gambling market for punters. The variety of betting markets offered by the e-sport is helping it capture the attention of gamblers across the world. True, betting on e-sports (and e-sports in general) is a relatively new avenue for bettors and it can be quite confusing to get a hang of it. But with proper research, you can surely win some great bets and make yourself some handy cash!


No. The regular modifications and upgrades that make the game secure and balanced will prevent anyone with bad intentions from gaining footing and manipulating the system to their advantage.

Learning about the game and how it is played is the ideal PUBG betting strategy. Learning about the best teams and players, as well as changes in their performances, can assist you in your betting.

Major LAN competitions are only held around once a month. However, the elite teams participate in a variety of online leagues. This means you have a lot of opportunities to gain money by betting on PUBG tournaments.

The usage of esports betting sites is not forbidden by Indian law! As an alternative, Indian states are free to create their own rules and laws. Esports betting and internet gambling in general have been outlawed in certain states, but not in the majority.

With the exception that the esports betting market is far less developed than the regular sports market, betting on esports is essentially equivalent to betting on traditional sports. When placing a wager on an esports match, players have the option of using sites that accept cash or skins.

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