Teen Patti

Among all card games, Teen Patti is an engaging game that has attracted players for hundreds of years. Among all card games, this one gives its players hours of entertainment and mystery. Online teen Patti games are also a source of income for certain people. These factors contribute to the annual millions of teen Patti players. If you are someone who is not familiar with the basics of the game but wants to deep dive and understand how it works, then you have landed at the right place. We have jotted down all the important information about Teen Patti for you. Let’s take a closer look.


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How to play Teen Patti | Teen Patti Rules

A 52-card deck sans jokers is typically used when 3 to 6 players participate in Teen Patti. Teen Patti begins with a wager, much like other poker and rummy games. Before the cards are dealt, there usually has to be a predetermined sum that participants are ready to wager. 

Each player receives three cards dealt face down after placing a wager and the same amount is collected from each participant. The minimal amount of money at risk that is kept in the pot is known as the boot amount. On the table’s center is where the pot is placed in teen Patti’s real cash.

The next step is to make a call or a raise after the player and dealers have each been dealt three cards. You must be familiar with these two words if you have ever played the game of poker. Making a call in the game of teen Patti real cash denotes that the player will go on without increasing his wager, but making a raise denotes that the player will be putting more money into the pot and so taking a bigger chance of winning or losing than the initial stake.

The betting on Teen Patti cash is not the same as poker, it should be noted. In Teen Patti, all bets must be made in identical numbers. As a result, if one player wagers two coins and another wagers four, the prior player must add four coins to the earlier wager rather than simply two.

The player who stays in the game to the end of the hand and has the best hand or the highest hand wins the growing sum of cash as the game progresses. The cards ranked highest to lowest are used to make the decision.

Teen Patti's basic Rules

The top-ranking team is The Aces, while the lowest is rated 2. The objective is to improve the pot before the game is over and have the best 3-card hand. These are the rankings: The cards are ranked from highest to lowest:


Set or Trail 

Three identical cards in a row. The highest hand in online teen Patti is three aces, while the lowest is three twos.

The Straight Flush or pure sequence

Three cards in a row of the same suit in the game of teen Patti real cash.


Three cards are of the same suit but are not in the same sequence.


The pair with the higher value wins a contest between two pairs. The kicker’s card will decide the winner if the pairs have the same value.

Teen Patti Terminologies

  • “Hand” of three of a kind, also known as “Trio” or “Trail”: The strongest hand in this game. This refers to a hand of three identically ranked cards.
  • Straight Run, often known as a Pure Sequence “hand”: a group of cards with three of the same kind in a row.
  • Run “hand” or the regular sequence: a trio of cards, not always of the same suit, that is displayed in a hand.
  • ‘Hand’ of color: a trio of cards with the same suit, but not in any particular order.
  • ‘Hand’ pair: two identical-rank playing cards. The winner is determined by the pair’s superior rating.
  • A ‘hand’ of high cards: Three cards that don’t fit any of the previous descriptions. The winner would be determined by the best high card.
  • Boot Amount (Minimum Bet) The smallest wager made before the game starts.
  • SEEN & BLIND: Players that opt to bet on cards blindly do so before seeing them, whereas players who choose to wager after seeing the cards are known as seen players.
  • In order (Straight) combinations of cards that are arranged in a three, not always of the same suit.
  • A set limit: A player may only wager up to the amount of the call.
  • Spread Cap: whatever sum that a participant may fund by the game’s betting guidelines.
  • Maximum Pot: when a player may raise a sum equal to the whole value of the game’s pot.
  • No Cap: Any amount that the players raise the cap to.
  • Sideshow: also referred to as a back show. If one of the players provides permission, then both players may reveal their cards to one another. In this situation, the weaker hand folds.
  • Fold the act of leaving a game when one feels their hand isn’t strong enough.
  • Show (down): The cards of both players are compared after all but two players fold. The winner is determined by ranking.

Difference between online Teen Patti v/s offline Teen Patti

The main distinction between playing Teen Patti offline and online is that while playing offline, you can see other players. Here, playing is done physically, not virtually. The concept of playing offline is considered to be more social rather than an online one. 


Indians and other players like playing the Teen Patti game online rather than offline for a variety of reasons. 

  • Online access is easier. This means that you can just connect to your account online anytime you feel like playing, regardless of where you are or what time it is. 
  • You can play from the comfort of your home anytime you choose. You only need a strong internet connection to play some of the online games with several people. 
  • In contrast to offline games where rules can be changed or errors in point tally might occur, online games do give fair gameplay (particularly when you are playing on respected and controlled online platforms).


This was all about the teen Patti online game. It is one of the most loved games by Indian players. It is a simple game that people love to enjoy especially during festivals. All you need to do is to understand the rules and enjoy winning unlimited cash. Now that you know everything about the game it is the right time to hit the online casino and enjoy a great winning streak and win real cash. You can also look out at the different teen Patti variations to enjoy the game with complete entertainment 


Online gaming applications for Teen Patti are widely available. You may pick one by examining its essential attributes and offerings, such as security, safety, RNG certification, and payment ways and channels.

You can choose to download Teen Patti and play the game online for free or to win real money.

You may pick from a variety of 3 Patti game options. The most common ones are Best of Four, Low Ball, Wild Draw, Stud, Community, High Wild, etc. It depends on your preference.

No, the online card games Teen Patti and Poker are not the same. Poker is a skill-based game that is centered on analyzing pot odds, mind manipulation & strategic betting whereas Teen Patti is purely a game of luck.

If you decide to download and play Teen Patti online, practice playing blind frequently and start small. 

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